Alternative enegry


Li-ion Technologies Limited (Liotech Ltd.) is a project company of RUSNANO JSC. Liotech company has been set up for realization of the project on production of up-to-date lithium-ion batteries (LIB) in Russia.

The aim of the project is the implementation of the national strategic tasks in energy-saving, energy security and transport conversion to green power.

Within the framework of the project plant has been constructed in the Novosibirsk Region at the premises of the industrial and logistics "PNK-Tolmachevo" park. The production began in December, 2011. The production capacity is over 1 GW/h and will allow to equip about 5,000 electro buses with LIB.

At the first stage, lithium-ion batteries will be produced from imported materials and componets. In the future, it is planned to complete import substitution and domestic raw materials and components usage. A cluster of related high-tech industries will be formed arount the Liotech's plant.

Due to its unique characteristics, Liotech's LIB can be applied in:

  • Electric transport. Operating costs of electric bus is 5-7 times lower than operating costs of the bus with ICE;

  • Energy storages, combined with alternative energ sources (solar batteries, wind generators, etc.);

  • Energy storages for smoothing peaks of power consumption in real time;

  • Optimization of energy's prodcution and consumption;

  • UPS for hospitals, schools, airports, data storages, etc.