UPS and Household energy storages


The  «Liotech» name is an abbreviation of the term “lithium-ion technologies”, which is the company’s main area of activity.

The trademark, which looks like a stylized double particle of positive and negative charges and their interaction, symbolizes the nature of an electric current.

Current Liotech’s sphere of interest - electric transport, safe for the environment, and energy savings. As a symbol of great power in spite of a small size we chose a humming bird. A schematic depiction of a bird in tree branches symbolizes high speed transport in the urban environment.

Liotech – Energy of great potentials

More potential for transport - the use of available large capacity batteries enables immediate implementation of electric transport already nowadays. The 1-charge range of an electric vehicle that uses Liotech batteries can be compared in terms of technical features with a similar vehicle that uses an internal combustion engine. Maintenance costs are considerably lower and do not depend on oil prices, as for power generation alternative sources can be used.

More potential for the power industry  the use of batteries enables improvement of the electrical energy complex structure and optimize processes of power generation and consumption, both on a nationwide scale and on the scale of every individual. Power storage units will enable implementation of the idea of “smart power grids”.

More potential for industry  uninterruptible high capacity power supply sources enable protection of the operation of energy-dependent systems susceptible to power drops, ensuring a sufficient autonomous power supply.

More potential for the environment  There is potential for improvement of the ecological situation in large cities and recreation zones, thanks to electric transport and renewable power sources and a decrease in the risk of industrial disasters thanks to uninterruptible power supply sources. The use of solutions based on lithium-ion batteries facilitates improvement to the environment and preservation of the Earth’s ecosystem.

More potential for man  Power storage offers more potential use for modern man, it provides more freedom, and makes the surrounding living environment more comfortable.

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