Alternative enegry

Autonomous lighting poles

Autonomous lighting poles are created by ‘Liotech’, ‘Optilight’, ‘Amira’, ‘Hevel’ and ‘Svetlana-Optoelectronika’ companies joint efforts. 

One of the main advantages of autonomous lighting stands is the fact that they can work anywhere – where light and wind is. Its use does not require financial expenditures for electric-cabel networks laying and electric capacities joining. That is possible due to the use of lithium-ion batteries ‘Liotech’ in the construction of the poles. Autonomous lighting poles are included in the project of Olympic park in Sochi. Their pilot approbation on Tallin high-way near Saint Petersburg within intense running transport line conditions showed that the project is very successful and economically sound.


Application fields:

  • Energy field ( stationary use);

  • Traffic infrastructure;

  • City, park lighting.

Basic consumers:

  • Municipalities;

  • Power supply and energy saving systems;

  • Specially protected nature sites, resort zones.

Advantages of solutions based on lithium-ion batteries:

  • High capacity;

  • Absence of memory effect;

  • Possibility of charge in 20 minutes up to 70% of capacity;

  • Working lifespan up to 13 years;

  • Wide running temperature range.

Economic effect:

  • Expenditures saving on electric capacities joining;

  • Absence of energy consumption from city network. 

  • Long-live working period;

  • Does not require expenditures for laying electro-cabel networks.