Electric bus NEFAZ-52992

Electric bus NefAZ was developed by Liotech Ltd. by request of State Company "Rosatom"


Electric bus NefAZ is created on the basis f the chassis of the half-lowfloor bus NefAZ-52992. It’s equipped with the asynchronous traction engine, lithium-ion traction accumulator with power-intensity of 313,6 kW*h, the traction inverter with energy recuperation function, and telemetry system which gives the possibility of remote control of batteries and the main units condition. The charging of electric bus is carried out by  means of the onboard charger and takes 8 hours. The fast charging is also possible - 40 minutes from charging station of 350 kW capacity from the special power sockets. The autonomous range of movement of electric bus is more than 200 km. An electric bus successfully passed certification. Its design, components and quality of assembly meet all requirements shown to passenger city transport.


Components of electric bus


Three-phase, asynchronous, 150 kW

Traction inverter 

With vector controlling and energy recuperation function, 300 kW

Energy stores 

Liotech's lithium-ion accumulators


Installed onboard, established on a roof, 40 kW

Braking system

The FIAC CCS 100/338 M compressor attached to dehumidifier of regular braking system

Hydraulic booster

Electric, 24 V

Monitoring and management systems of the traction battery 

Intended for tension and temerature control of the battery cells, control of charging currents, charger management, swtiching box and batteries' heating system, balancing current 2-5 A

Heating system 

Liquid, with a diesel heater. In addition, carries out thermostat function for energy storages.

Key parameters and sizes

Overall dimensions, mm 


Base (distance between a forward axis and the back bridge), mm


Maximum technical weight, kg


Passenger capacity, people


Floor level of a passenger room,


Main characteristics

Maximum constructive speed on a horizontal site, km/h


Maximum range of movevement on energy stores, without charging, km


Maximum overcome lifting, %


Electric power expense on draft at a settlement speed of 23 km/h, for 100 km, kW*h


Time of a full accumulators charge, hours