UPS and Household energy storages


Partner  Our cooperation activities

The Government of Novosibirsk Region. In Novosibirsk Region, not only is our production of lithium-ion batteries located, but our solutions related to electric transport and energy storage units also receive practical approval. We closely cooperate with the leaders of the region on all issues of implementing our project.


TVEL OJSC is a member of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. The main sphere of the company’s activity is development, production and sales (including export) of nuclear fuel and non-nuclear joint products. We cooperate in the development and implementation of programs substituting import of lithium-ion batteries’ components.


MOBEL LLC is a fledgling innovative company that has serious competencies in the sphere of engineering in integrated power accumulation and distribution systems. MOBELA is our strategic partner in development and promotion of integrated solutions based on lithium-ion batteries produced by Liotech.


The company "Control of energy storage," carries out projects to develop and implement energy efficient systems, optimizing the use of automated self-contained power sources in transportation and energy, developing solutions for specific applications of lithium-ion batteries.

Trolza CJSC is a large industrial complex with a developed infrastructure. All types of production, including metallurgical and machine assembly production, enable the enterprise to adapt the output of any technology-intensive products. Equipment and technologies used in production enable processing of components, nodes and products. Liotech is jointly developing a city electric bus with Trolza CJSC.

Direct Current Systems JSC company specializes on development and production of the hi-tech power supply equipment and energy storage systems for power, gas, oil and industry enterprices. Their products are charging devices (NRT series) for the stationary batteries, DC shields, AC shields, power distrubutive cases, semi-conductor converters, batteries cases, systems for the monitoring of electric equipment and other production. The most up-to-date equipment is used in the production process.The electric equipment is made with observance of all rules and requirments of normative documents.

The Oldham company is the leader in development, production and implementation of complex projects of energy supply, reserve and uninterrupted power support. The company gives special attention to development of new decisions in the field of energy accumulation systems and has pilot projects of their introduction. The compnay develops and designs new decisions and equipment for the operative direct current systems of a power plants and distributive substations of various voltage, including 500 kV sustations, as well as engineering decisions for remote objects, regions of Far North, areas with the increased seismic activity. Oldham company has got posivite experience in projects realisation for lead energy companies, including Transneft' JSC, Gazprom JSC, Sibneft' JSC, RZD JSC and others.

Industrial Technologies LLC is a special purpose vehicles plant, Russian manufacturer of special vehicles for medical purposes, social transport, emergency vehicles and municipal, interurban and tourist minibuses. With Liotech, the company is jointly developing an electric vehicle based on Ford Transit, which can serve both as a minibus and a light commercial vehicle (LCV).

AVL is the largest private and independent company in the world that develops transmission and engine systems and is also engaged in modeling and testing of traffic systems. Liotech and AVL are jointly developing the conception of organizing a technology centre for testing and certifying lithium-ion in Russia.


TETRA Electric LLC has competence in the complex tasks of power supply at the different functions objects, power audit, engineering and service of installed equipment. Also, the company produces outdoor lighting systems TETRALIGHT and realizes renewable energy projects. 

Medmarkt JSC is the distributor Liotech's project solutions. The company possesses competences for implementation and complex servicing of Liotech's decisions in the sphere of factory's UPS.

Clean Energy Ltd is the company-developer of energy storage systems on the LIA basis and systems of batteries conditions monitoring and control (BMS).

BioCube, Inc. a Delaware U.S.A. company with offices in New York and California, through its recently announced GreenSync Solutions acquisition, brings together technology, finance and expertise in the alternative energy, waste energy, clean energy and clean water “green” technologies. Company is focused on offering effective energy storage and battery management solutions for use in the solar and wind power generation markets.