Russian production of the lithium-ion accumulators has been started in Novosibirsk Region, on the territory of the Tolmachevo industrial logistics park in December 2011. The Liotech plant build in the Novosibirsk Region meets all process safety and environmental safety standards. Production capacity exceeds 1gW*h or approximately one million accumulators per year that makes the Liotech Company a word-class player of the dynamic growing LIB market.

At the initial stage the lithium-ion accumulators are being made of import materials and components. In the future a total substitution of import and conversion to domestic raw materials and components will be performed. A cluster of high-tech productions will be formed around the main factory.

Liotech Company manufactures the accumulators using a nano-structured cathode material lithium-ion-phosphate (LiFePO4). This material allows to achieve the best technical specifications while manufacturing and ensures an optimum price-quality ratio. Accumulators based on this material are characterized by high power density and operational safety.