Shunting locomotive TEM9H

The shunting and export diesel TEM9N locomotive was developed by the Center of Innovative Development STM (Skolkovo).

The hybrid locomotive was developed for shunting work at stations and the railways areas with the temperate climate. Locomotive capacity - 1200 h.p., maximum speed - 100 km/h. Liotech’s lithium-ion accumulators application in the engine design reduces diesel fuel consumption on 30% that corresponds to economy of 60 tons of fuel per year and reduces emissions of exhaust gases in the atmosphere.

The main feature of the TEM9N locomotive is the existence in a design of the combined energy store from Liotech’s LIA and the supercondenser that allows:

  • To reserve energy from recuperation braking;

  • To give energy from the energy stores for draft or auxiliary needs;

  • To carry out movement with the switched-off diesel engine for 60 minutes at least;

  • To reduce fuel consumption of a diesel engine and amount of exhaust gases due to usage of energy stores;

  • To launch diesel engine when necessary – “start – stop” mode;

  • To optimize sharing of capacities of diesel engine and lithium-ion accumulators in various operating mode with application of the GLONASS- GPS technologies in the system of the top level system of intellectual prediction;

  • Not to use the starter storage battery; for start-up, the is possible to use supercondensers.

Technical charcteristics of TEM9H locomotive

Diesel enginge generator capacity, kW


Electric energy stores capacity, kW


Energy stores
  • LiFePO4  accumulator, 300 A*h, 252 kW
  • Molecular stores (supercondensers) - 0,8 F

Width of the track, mm


Constructional speed, km/h


Speed in the collaboration word mode of diesel generator and energy stores