Passenger transport

Small electric bus Ford

Small class electric bus developed by Liotech Ltd. and Promteh-NN LLC (Nizhniy Novgorod).

For the prototype of the small passenger bus was chosen Ford Transit Jumbo, who possesses high level of comfort and rather powerful running gear, which allows placing lithium-ion accumulators. On the basis of one platform it is possible to make both passenger electric bus and the easy commercial truck (LCV).  An electric bus can pass up to 150 km with full charged accumulators. It can be recharged from the ordinary socket or from specialized high-voltage charging station. In this case, it will take only half an hour. Passengers capacity – 18+1.


Components of electric bus


Asynchronous, 97 kW

Traction inverter 

Power DSP-controller with energy recuperation function

Energy stores 

Lithium-ion accumulator battery, 51,2 kW*h


Three-phase, 380 V, 90 kW

Braking system

The combined system of electrodynamics braking with the traction engine and pneumatic drive with division into contours on axes

Hydraulic booster 

Electric, 24 V

Heating system 

Autonomous air heater

Key parameters and sizes

Overall dimensions, mm 


Base (distance between a forward axis and the back bridge), mm


Maximum technical weight, kg


Passenger capacity, people


Main characteristics

Maximum constructive speed on a horizontal site, km/h


Maximum range of movevement on energy stores, without charging, km


Maximum overcome lifting, %


Time of a full accumulators charge, hours