UPS and Household energy storages

Small energy storage 3-12 kW

"MOBEL" Company has developed low power Energy storage on "Liotech" lithium-ion batteries.

The Energy storage is multi-inverter with integrated recharger and funded component based on lithium-ion batteries (LIB). Funded component of the solution includes a regular battery Management System (BMS), which provides continuous monitoring of the cells status and the connection with charging inverter.



Recommended for use

  • In the absence of centralized power supply;

  • In case of loadshedding and shortfall;

  • With a lack of available capacity;

  • In case of energy accumulation in the system with renewable energy;

  • In case of energy accumulation from self-contained supplies (fossil generators), reducing noise emission and increasing the life cycle of the generator.

Solutions features

  • Input voltage range set by the user (without using battery power, typically 175V - 250V) and provides additional protection of the equipment;

  • The wave shape of the output signal is 220 V - pure sine;

  • Peak capacitance (5 seconds) is twice more than the nominal capacitance;

  • Can be used as a UPS (with conform software);

  • Ability to connect with computer for monitoring and programming;

  • With the availability of a bypass (automatic translation 220 V, even in emergency cases);

  • Russian menu suitable for input parameters;

  • Fans with adjustable speed for quiet operation;

  • Automatic shutdown in case of overloading and overheating.

Solution benefits

  • Higher capacity compared to the decision on the basis of lead-acid batteries with the same dimensions and weight

  • Long service life (up to 20 years)

  • Low operating costs;

  • Ability to automatically increase the power grid during peak loads;

  • Ability to work in a 2-tariff treatment to save energy;

  • With the availability Integrated battery management system (BMS)

  • High quality of electric current.

Technical characteristics

General description

Wave shape of the output signal

Pure sine

Output voltage /

distortion sine –

in accordance with GOST13109-97

for  electric grids

Pmax sine  - 220 V +2% -10%;

Distortion at the peak load no more than 20%

Optimal sine - 220  V  (+2%-9%),  distortion at rated load not more than 12%

Pure sine - 220 (2%-9%) on 1/2 of the maximum load,

not more than 12%

Output frequency

50Hz (±0.1%)

Current on ACC (battery) off/

with the availability of network

80 – 170  mA on ACC/0 mA on ACC with the availability of network

Idling current for ACC

500 – 700  mA

Efficiency factor

85 – 90 %

Temperature range

From -25 °C to +35 °C

Work with LAN outer network

Wave shape of the output signal

Pure sine

Transition to work offline

Set by user

Electronic protection from:


Typical switching time

Inverter → Network

<1 ms

Network → Inverter

~12 ms