Energy stores

Energy storage systems - are one of possible solutions to the problem of electricity efficiency and reliability increase. Main tasks of such systems are support of maximum long smooth power supply when emergencies take place, network peak load aligning and decreasing accidents risks in the energy system. Energy storage becomes more and more important not only in the field of consumer electronics but also in transport field, buildings power supply systems as well as in cities and regions, which do not have central power supply system. Energy storages play an important role in the realization of SmartGrid conception, which brings an opportunity to settle the load on grid and react on possible emergencies in real-time mode.


High energy volume, absence of memory effect, wide temperature range and long-live working period, reliability and security - all of that represent lithium-ion accumulators (LIA) as the most appropriate and potentially productive component of modern energy storage.

Advantages of energy storages based on lithium-ion accumulators:

  • Increase of capacity at the same size and weight;

  • Increase of working period up to 20 years;

  • Wide temperature range running;

  • Running expidentures decrease;

  • High level of running readiness;

  • Possibility of quick LIA charge recovery.

Integrator-companies involving Liotech company, developed energy storages and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) with use of lithium-ion accumulators for energy field, telecommunication field, transport infrastructure and consumers segment objects.