Alternative enegry

Tram with increased autonomous course

Tram wagon 71-405-11 - joint development of "Uraltransmarsh" JSC and "ASK" CJSC

Trams with the increased autonomous movement are convenient for the organization of transport bundle between two cities, as well as for big cities. Lithium-ion accumulators in a design of such wagon reduce energy consumption up to 60% and allow to overcome separate sites of the route without a contact wire. The tram can pass from 100 to 150 km without additional charge. Charging takes 10-15 minutes, time of a total accumulators charge – 2 hours. The term of operation – 15-20 years.


Components of the wagon


Three-phase, asycnhronous, 54 kW, maximum capacity - 85 kW

Traction inverter

Power IGBT-converter with energy recuperation function (allows to return up to 60% of energy, spent on acceleration)

Energy stores

Lithium-ion accumulators


DC/DC, 100 kW

Braking system

Combined system of electrodynamics braking by traction engines, mechanical brakes with an electromagnetic drive , rail electromagnetic brakes

Heating system

Electric heaters

Key parameters and sizes

Overall dimensions, mm


Base (distance between forward axis and the back bridge), mm


Maximum technical weight, kg


Passenger capacity, people


Main characteristics

Maximum constructive speed on horizontal site, km/h


Maximum range of movement on electric stores only, without recharge, km


Maximum overcome lifting, %


Electric power expense on acceleration at settlement speed of 23 km/h, on 100 km, kW*h


Acceleration time from 0 to 40 km/h, seconds


Time of full accumulators charge, hours