UPS and Household energy storages

Company news

Feb 27 2013
Where is Nano in 26 kg-weight battery?

Within the frame of Nano-24 project organized by Rusnano infrastructure and educational programs’ Fund and Russian reporter magazine volunteer Journalists visited Liotech plant.

Feb 18 2013
Actual trends of housing and communal services - economy and electric power accumulation

At the session of Technical Council of «SKOLKOVO» the Russia's first system of energy accumulation for housing and communal services with Liotech's rechargeable Li-ion accumulators was approved to introduction.

Feb 4 2013
Support of innovative solutions by way of "small deeds" in the absence of the basic law

On January 24th, Liotech company took part in the meeting “Innovations in the electric power industry”, conducted by the Scientific Advisory Council of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.