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Company news

Sep 27 2012
Greenhouse gases under control

Liotech LLC will take part in project for decrease of greenhouse gases emission from automobiles and ecological transports promotion.  

Sep 25 2012
Innovative companies join into a Working Group at the State Duma Energy Committee

On September, 19, the seminar “Power and environmentally safe technologies for Olympic Games and the resort town of Sochi”, organized by Liotech company, passed in the city of Sochi.  

Sep 21 2012
The Forum of Young Innovators recently passed in Novosibirsk

The IV International innovative forum of Interra took place from 13th to 15th September. The center of attention there were ideas and developments of young innovator for improvement of quality of our life.  

Sep 10 2012
Nanotechnologies for Russian Railways

On September, 7, companies JSC Liotech and JSC Center of Innovative Development STM (CID STM) signed the Memorandum of cooperation within the event, devoted to 175 anniversary of Russian Railways.  

Sep 5 2012
On September 19, 2012 Liotech company holds a seminar "Power saving and environmentally safe technologies for the Olympic Games and the resort city of Sochi"

The seminar will pass with support of RUSNANO and Power Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Sep 1 2012
The first training seminar for Lioteh's partners took place in the company's central office

On the eve of Knowledge Day, August 31, Liotech company carried out the training seminar for partners at the company’s central office. The seminar purpose was to give general theoretical knowledge of lithium-ion accumulators (LIA) structure, their advantages before other chemical sources of a current, Liotech’s LIA properties, possible decisions on their basis and scopes of application.