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Oct 18 2017

The Liotech plant presented its products at the International Nanotechnology Festival Iran Nano 2017

On October 6-9, 2017, the 10th International Nanotechnology Festival Iran Nano 2017 was held in Tehran, Iran. This festival is the most prestigious festival in Iran and the second of its kind in Asia. Public organizations, scientific institutes, industrial companies, suppliers of technical services, international companies, suppliers of nanotechnology products and other companies related to nanotechnology took part in the festival.

"Liotech-Innovations" Ltd. represented by its CEO Valeriy Yarmoshchuk and Project Sales Director Petr Kolesnikov presented the products of the Liotech plant at the exhibition.

Within the Iran Nano 2017 Nanotechnology Festival, contacts were established with the main players of the electric transport and solar energy market of Iran, negotiations were held with the largest Iranian manufacturer of lift trucks, electric cars, minibuses and electric vehicles - Aria Forklift, and an agreement was reached to prepare an offer for the electric lift truck battery that will provide an increased battery life of electric cars.


Photo (left to right):

Petr Kolesnikov - Project Sales Director Liotech-Innovations Ltd., Sophia - interpreter, daughter of the establisher of Aria, Reza Showghi - the establisher of Aria, Valeriy Yarmoshchuk - CEO Liotech-Innovations Ltd.


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