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Apr 10 2018

Liotech Presented its Solution for Electric Buses at the Exhibition in the State Duma

The only Russian company, a large-scale producer of lithium-ion cells Liotech, presented its projects at the exhibition, a round table “Conditions and prospects of nano-industry development in Russian Federation “  took place as part of RUSNANO week in the State Duma, it was organized by the State Duma Committee on economic politics, industry, innovations and entrepreneurship.


As part of the nano-industry products exhibition the State Duma members were presented an upgraded version of serial product of Liotech - lithium-ion battery for electric buses with dynamic charging (trolleybuses with extended independent course), manufactured with a new design.

“Equipping trolleybuses with lithium-ion batteries by Liotech allows to overcome the main problem of trolleybus connection - availability of electric transport in remote parts of cities. Lithium-ion batteries allow trolleybuses with extended independent course to cover the distance of over 70 kilometers (depending on the technical specifications). Batteries charge when they are moving under the trolley line”, - told the director of Liotech, Valeriy Yarmoschuk about the advantages of manufactured products.


Thus, using such electric transport is economically efficient as it doesn’t require to build additional infrastructure to service trolleybuses and additional time to charge compare to electric buses with stationary charging. 


Over 30 trolleybuses are equipped with lithium-ion batteries by Liotech (routes 23, 41 and 2) in Saint-Petersburg, where part of the way machines go on independent course. Ceremonial start of the first trolleybus with an independent course in the Northern capital took place on December 12, 2017.


Currently our state supports usage of trolleybuses with extended independent course in cities, funding about 7.5 million rubles to purchase this type of electric transport (according to the Goverment Decree of Russian Federation dated 19.08.2016 Nr.817). For the previous year, Liotech company supplied over 130 vehicle sets equipped with the latest models of lithium-ion batteries for electric buses with dynamic charging (trolleybuses with extended independent course) operated in different cities in Russia


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