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Dec 10 2013

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) on lithium-ion batteries "Liotech" set at St. Petersburg City Hospital

This kind of UPS has fundamentally new characteristics compared to conventional UPS based on lead-acid batteries. Installation of such equipment is an opportunity to save patients’ life and health, as well as to support the work of expensive medical equipment, eliminating voltage drops and de-energize.

In case of power failure UPS on lithium-ion batteries is capable to supply electricity to the entire hospital, including operating rooms, intensive care block, sprinkler and evacuation systems for two hours. Or in case of the objects of the first category of reliability - for five hours. The lead-acid batteries UPS of similar capacity reserved power for 15 minutes.

The project was implemented on the basis of the agreement between JSC "RUSNANO" and the Government of St. Petersburg, signed by Anatoly Chubais and Georgy Poltavchenko in April, 2013. The UPS used batteries produced by "Liotech", which have high energy density, high efficiency and a large number of charge / discharge cycles.

According to the experts of LLC "Energy-LIT" and "Tetra-Engineering" – the companies that have established innovative equipment to the hospital 25 - new UPS not only improves the quality of emergency and standby power supply facilities, but also leads to some significant advantages during operation. UPS on LIA is smaller and more compact than the UPS on lead-acid batteries, does not require special space and service, environmentally friendly, has long durability - up to 15 years.

Undoubtedly, the use of UPS on LIA is justified for large cities, where there are some specific problems: diesel power plants’ proximity to apartment buildings, the lack of sanitary protection zone and of free space in historic places or dense housing areas.

The project is presented and supported by the Health Committee and the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovation of St. Petersburg. The project significance is not only in technical and technological innovation, but also in orientation towards quality and budget savings during the product life of the equipment.  This fully meets the requirements of the Federal Law 44-FZ.


Source: Liotech Press Service


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