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Nov 14 2013

"Liotech" began to produce new batteries

The perspective product has been produced in the framework of the new strategy of "Liotech" approved by "RUSNANO". In the process of modernization of the factory input and output control laboratory was re-equipped. In the production of batteries and their components are tested and ready for introduction into the production cycle operation high accuracy - laser cutting base electrodes (instead of cutting ), ultrasonic welding (instead of bolting ), etc. As a supplier of the main component of batteries - the cathode material - playing a major European company.

"Modernization of production improved the quality of products that will definitely affect the performance, reliability and security. The new cell is used by a number of patented "Liotech" solutions . We managed to increase the capacity of the new cell without increasing its volume and weight, - says General Director Alexey Surkov. - Battery 300 Ah has the same weight and dimensions as a 240 Ah, with the higher density of the stored energy has become, it is possible frontterminalnogo connections (placing the battery in the battery assembly "on the side"). Modernization process continues, now under way at the plant research and development efforts to further improve the structure of the battery. Nevertheless, the new product is created, and we are ready to submit it to our partners for the implementation at energy, utilities in electric vehicles, telecom and other industries."

Reference: LLC "Liotech" - the project company JSC "RUSNANO". In December 2011, launched in Novosibirsk in the Russian Federation is the only factory producing modern lithium-ion batteries (LIB) high capacity. LIA are advanced industrial technology that can change the way technology in energy and transport, energy storage systems to create and provide high quality electricity.

Source: Liotech Press Service


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