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Dec 17 2013

"RusHydro" and RUSNANO identified a list of priority projects

"RusHydro" and "RUSNANO" identified 14 pilot projects that will be implemented at the sites of hydropower holding. This decision was taken after the meeting of "RusHydro" Chairman of the Board Evgeny Dod and RUSNANO Chairman of the Board Anatoly Chubais. The projects are based on proposals and technical solutions of  RUSNANO portfolio companies. The implementation of five projects are of high priority.

Special attention will be paid to the projects related to energy efficiency. In particular, the companies intend to complete the feasibility study and begin to implement energy storage systems of different capacity based on lithium-ion batteries in isolated power systems of the Far East and Arctic territories.

During the meeting, the partners noted the positive experience in implementation of JSC "Plakart" nanostructured coatings at the Baksan hydroelectric and Volga hydroelectric cascade. Further cooperation in this area involves the development of proposals for the use of nanostructured coatings for new steel constructions’ protection and hydraulic turbines based on "RusHydro" stations comprehensive modernization program in 2014 and subsequent years.

Nanostructured coatings have unique anti-corrosion, insulation, wear-resistant qualities, that increase the life of hydraulic units turbines when operating in conditions of high content of pollutants and abrasive particles in water.

Beside this, JSC "Plakart" together with JSC "RusHydro" will analyze the applicability of nano coatings on tidal and geothermal plants of hydropower holding and prepare the relevant technical specifications by June 2014. In addition, RUSNANO will present to "RusHydro" a proposal in the field of alternative (solar) power by February 2014. 

The meeting resulted in the signed protocol of cooperation which also captures the intention of both parties to consider in the first half of 2014 the feasibility of implementation in the objects of "RusHydro" membrane technologies and solutions based on nanostructured composite materials, proposed by RUSNANO (in particular, for the renovation and replacement of transmission towers ‘supports and carrying out the works for shore reinforcement).

"RusHydro" is a leader in the production of energy from renewable sources, developing power generation based on water flows, tidal, wind and geothermal energy.


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