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Feb 12 2018
Liotech takes part in the city electrical transport development

Alexander Lyulko, the head of the Department of Industry, Innovations and Entrepreneurship of the Mayor’s Office of Novosibirsk on air of the radiostation “Gorodskaya Volna” (101.4 FM)  hosted by Artem Rogovsky told about advantages of trolley buses powered by batteries produced by Liotech.

Feb 12 2018
RUSNANO portfolio company “Liotech” increased its profit 2.5 times

In 2017 the manufacturer of lithium-ion cells – Liotech-Innovations (Liotech plant is a part of RUSNANO group) increased its profit more than 2.5 times compare to last year, up to 350 million rubles. The enterprise has fulfilled the annual production plan and developed manufacturing of new products.

Nov 8 2012
Production, which is necessary as the air

The problem of a deteriorating partly solved, including the way of the EV’s mass production.  Liotech’s company plant – a subsidiary company of RUSNANO JSC - near Novosibirsk expands production of lithium-ion accumulators, used in electrical transport.  

Sep 10 2012
Subsidiare companies of STM and RUSNANO signed the memorandum of cooperation

Center of Innovative Development STM (CID STM, included in "Sinara - Transport Machines" JSC) signed the memorandum of cooperation in scientifical and technical activities with Liotech Ltd., said the representative of the SInara Group.

Jul 30 2012
Innovative technologies for light of the Russian highways

Autonomic light installations with lithium-ion batteries Liotech are being tested successfully at highways near S-Petersburg.

Jul 12 2012
Liotech's LIB will be applied in hybrid power systems

Liotech LLC, the project company of ROSNANO JSC, and Energy project CJSC have singed Protocol of cooperation intent for work up small energy generation objects at the base of renewable energy and Liotech's lithium-ion batteries.  

Jun 15 2012
The Government of St. Petersburg will buy trolleybuses with autonomous run on lithium-ion batteries

On the June 8, 2012, in the Committee of Transport of St. Petersburg held a meeting on the launch of the trolley with autonomous run, equipped with lithium-ion batteries.  

Jun 5 2012
Electric buses make their way onto the streets of Russian cities

Electric bus TROLZA 52501, developed by the known producers of trolleys from the city of Engels of the Saratov region together with RUSNANO, has no current collectors, but is capable to pass up to 170 kilometers on lithium-ion batteries without recharge.  

Jun 5 2012
Moscow residents will be offered electric buses

Eco-friendly buses, which are going to be purchased by the City administration in the amount of 100 cars, are being developed at the several automobile plants at the same time. The project of municipal transport with accumulator run is under development in cooperation with RUSNANO.  

May 23 2012
Liotech’s production plant will reach its design capacity of 400 million ampere-hours in the end of 2013

Liotech’s production plant, started in December, 2011 near Novosibirsk, will reach its design capacity of 400 million ampere-hours in the end of 2013, as was told by plant’s manager, Igor Chapaev.  

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