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Feb 9 2018

RUSNANO Portfolio Company Liotech Increased its Profit 2.5 times

In 2017 the manufacturer of lithium-ion cells – Liotech-Innovations (Liotech plant  is a part of RUSNANO group) increased its profit more than 2.5 times compare to last year, up to 350 million rubles. The enterprise has fulfilled the annual production plan and developed manufacturing of new products.

Increased production of lithium-ion motive power batteries for the city electric vehicles became a key to success of the company and one of the main priorities in 2017.  Currently the company supplies cells for electric buses with a night charging option and boosted supplies of the batteries for trolley buses with extended independent course (electric buses with dynamic charging) 5 times, as part of the long-standing partnership with the lead manufacturer of trolley buses. For the past year Liotech supplied over 130 vehicle sets equipped with the latest models of lithium-ion batteries.

In 2017 Liotech plant developed the manufacturing of a new type of product– lithium-ion motive power batteries for electric loading equipment which are successfully used at the state plants of federal importance. Besides, according to the annual results, the company increased supply rates of cells for energy producers 1.5 times and launched supply of cells for military and airfield machines.

Under the strategic production planning, specialists of the company performed the comparative analytical research on different models of charging infrastructure for electric city buses, the results of which are applied to operations by large transport companies and executive authorities.

In 2018 the company is planning to produce over 200 vehicle sets with lithium-ion cells. Liotech plant is planning to develop the manufacturing of electric energy storage systems of high capacity (more than 0.5 MWh) and compact independent storage systems. As well as expand the product line of batteries, in particular, develop the manufacturing of the batteries for electric buses with ultrafast charging option and for mining machines, expand the product line of batteries for electric loading equipment.

Apart from the product line expansion, in 2018 Liotech plant is planning to expand the sales geography by supplying lithium-ion batteries to India and other countries. The company has experience exporting batteries as a part of trolley buses with extended independent course to the Republic of Argentina.

Vladimir Kozlov, Managing Director of JSC “RUSNANO”:

"- Apart from increase in production of batteries for electric vehicles, in upcoming year we expect from Liotech either to start sales of new products in line (home energy storage systems 3-10KWh) or continue pilot projects in development of stationary energy storage systems 1MWh which will provide the start of commercial sales in 2019.  

In 2018 Liotech will have to define its product developing strategy: whether expand the product line basing on lithium batteries (including electric buses, which corresponds with the best examples of world lessons learned), or concentrate on cooperation with existing manufacturers of integrated solutions.

At the same time Liotech’s main goal is to maintain and develop competitiveness of lithium-ion cells technology regarding its price, power density and life". 

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