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Apr 9 2018

Mobile Energy Storage System and New Batteries: The Russian Federation Presented its New Products

Russian specialists of "Liotech" company presented a line of new portable energy storage systems at the exhibition "Interbat-2018". This was reported by the press service of the company.


Scientists from Russia were able to create energy storage systems that are perfect for a wide range of industries. The mobile energy storage systems and traction batteries will power electric vehicles. This is a quite popular technology in the modern world. Russia is also planning to create cars that run on electricity, so this development can lead to a scientific breakthrough in the future. In addition, one of the advantages of new energy storage system models is a low noise level. It could be used in confined places where large generators will produce too much noise.  


Lithium-ion mobile batteries can also be used in "smart" homes. The capacity of the battery is sufficient to power quite large rooms. The eco-friendly technology of the developed product and efficiency of its operation depends to a large extent on the ways to replenish energy. Various equipment can be used for this. In the near future, the company is planning to produce large energy storage systems that will be powered from solar panels and wind farms. This is an extremely promising product, which, according to the company's representatives, will appear in early 2019.


The products presented at the exhibition aroused great interest of the public and potential customers. One of the presented prototypes of energy storage system allows you to save up to 4 kWh, it is equipped with standard USB ports, multimedia system, sockets 220 volts and a charger for a wide range of different equipment.

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