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Mar 26 2018

Liotech Developed a Mobile Energy Storage System on Lithium-Ion Cells

At the international exhibition “Interbat-2018”, taken place in March 21-22 in Moscow, the company presented a mobile energy storage system on lithium-ion cells that could effectively replace traditional mobile power supplies - gasoline and diesel generators.


It is a noiseless, environmentally benign, and safe power source that could be used in places where it is impossible to use generators, e.g. in confined places or underground communications. Presented prototype of mobile energy storage system 2-4 kWh is equipped with standard sockets 220 volts, USB ports, multimedia system and has a built-in charger that helps to use it without supplementary equipment.


The company predicted customers are organizations of residential sector and retail, energy companies, mass-cultural organizations as well as ordinary citizens who could use it either in a countryside residence or during camping trip. The start of the serial manufacturing is planned for the second half of 2018.


For household there was presented another product - home energy storage system with larger capacity compare to a mobile solution which will provide sufficient energy storage to continuous energy supply of the house and can be used along with solar panels and wind generators. The start of the manufacturing of this energy storage system is planned for the end of 2018 - the beginning of 2019.


Also, at the exhibition Liotech presented an upgraded version of a serial product - lithium-ion batteries for electric buses with dynamic charging (trolley buses with extended independent course), in a new design.   


”For the past 3 years we supplied to our partners over 10 thousand battery cells, over 200 trolley buses with extended independent course (electric buses with dynamic charging) work on Liotech batteries”, - told the CEO of Liotech, Valeriy Yarmoschuk.


Among Liotech promising projects there were mentioned multifunctional energy storage systems of high capacity for grid companies, traction lithium-ion batteries for mining machines and city machines, energy storage systems for icebreakers.


The press service of the company emphasized that due to shifting production from battery cells to fit-for-purpose solutions, particularly lithium-ion batteries for electric buses with dynamic charging, the factory income in 2017 increased up to 350 million rubles which is 2.5 times higher than similar in 2016.


Source: Energyland
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