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Nov 8 2012

Production, which is necessary as the air

The problem of a deteriorating partly solved, including the way of the EV’s mass production.  Liotech’s company plant – a subsidiary company of RUSNANO JSC - near Novosibirsk expands production of lithium-ion accumulators, used in electrical transport.

The domestic market of lithium-ion accumulators is only being formed, including the efforts of the Liotech company. The factory has not reached the design capacity yet, and, in fact, is at level of a start-up project, on the stage of technology development. It was launched at end of 2011, on the territory of the industrial-logistic park “Tolmachevo”. The whole cycle of construction, including the industrial facilities of 40000 m2 and equipment installation took 18 months.

Hot accumulators

“As for today, there are 3 ways of our products application”, - says Igor Chapaev, the director of the factory.  “The first and the obvious one is an electric transport. Second – energy stores for the power substations.  Using our accumulators, you can create storage for electricity, accumulating it in periods of small energy consumption, and then using at peak loads. Third – backup power sources, uninterruptable power supply (UPS), where the application range is practically unlimited. If the reserve diesel generators will turn on after 10-20 seconds, our LIA will do it instantly. It is crucial factor for hospitals, especially for surgeons. As for today, we’ve three types of accumulators with different capacity -240, 380 and 77 A*h. But the specialists in the Moscow office are constantly studying the market, introducing the new ideas, and maybe, in the near future some new possibilities of the lithium-ion accumulators’ application will appear, and we will be changing and expanding our product line in accordance with the requirements of the market.

Let’s buy the electric vehicle!

Today, the ecological component in the economical calculations isn’t taken into account, so that any transport company using (as an example) the same minibuses, will think three times - is it worth it to pay double price for the electric vehicle. Concern for the environment is rather the task of the state.

In China, for example, which is not only the leader in the production of lithium-ion batteries, but also the pioneer in their implementation, a state program of support of electric transport successfully works for several years. Companies of transport industry buy electric buses for the price of a standard bus with ICE, the difference in the prices compensated by the state. The electric buses buyers is compensated for the cost of the accumulators (up to 50%). As a result the electric vehicle costs the same price as the usual one. The government made the decision to transfer 25% of the state public transport to electric engines until 2015, and to produce 5 million of EV’s until 2020. The program of subsidizing the purchase of passenger vehicles is approved.

The number of potential consumers of the Liotech company products includes AVTOVAZ electric vehicle project ElLada and E-mobile. Liotech company confirms partnership with AVTOVAZ. But the declared price of the ElLada – more than a million Russian rubles – is clearly not competitive with such well-known brands as Mitsubishi I-MiEV (from 1.8 mln rub.) and the Nissan Leaf (from 831 thousands rub.).

The construction of E-mobile is disputable. For example, the former Russian «Minister of innovations», and the head of the company «Pioneer of Innovations» Yuri Lebedev did not like the idea of hybrid cars, as “it is already obvious to all that the future is for pure electric vehicles”.

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